I wanted this entry to be on how my fieldwork was, as a memoir of activities and, despite is half way through to be finally written, I could not make it simply because right now I am overcommitted.

I often find myself saying yes to too many things, despite all the literature around telling you not to do so for various reasons (health to begin with!). One of my New Year’s Purposes for 2017 was to not compromise my time into so many things so I could simply have some moments for silent, mindful meditation every day. I definitely failed, but at least this time I know how and why I failed.

Today is 24th of April and I have a long list of things that need to be done right now…I made some numbers and apparently I have said “yes” to twice the amount of things I could actually do per week, without considering that I was out for one month in the bush of Ethiopia. I have also made the numbers on how many things I said “no” to, and well, I did better than the last year. I was also more able to ask for help and to derive “duties” to others. On the positive side I could say that part of the problem is my very own enthusiasm and the will to be involved in the dynamics of the wonderful projects around me. Part of it is my desire to be on constant move creating, igniting and supporting new ideas. But both bright sides are glimpses of the same thing: a personal fear to discard new projects and focus in very few activities. I suppose if I was to be born today they’d say I am hyperactive.

On the other hand, looking on the outside pressures, not only on the personal limitations, to do research implies to be involve in a number of activities that sometimes can hardly be handled in a normal working day of just 8h. Even if you just try to do your thing…lots of commitments appear and the more pressure, the more I feel to move like a snail.

So, as a mid-year purpose, I have the real desire of finishing off with all the “small” responsibilities and duties I have and saying “no” to one more thing each week.

Do you ever feel overcommitted? and if so, how do you handle it?



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