Anything to say?

It is very frequent nowadays to be impelled to leave “our comfort zone”. My friend always says “took me years to get here and it’s really nice, why should I leave now that I’m in such a cosy place?” And it’s true, why on Earth should I move? Apparently you get awesome experiences out of leaving, as trade off of being a bit uneasy at the beginning.

I suppose that’s the main reason I have not started a blog before.

Sometimes I feel the need to write down (in more than 140 characters) what I think, feel or learn but, on the one hand, there’s the idea that what I write is of no interest to anyone. There are tons of great blogs on top Science, small Science, outreach, the joys of Nature, the enlightenment of art, good books to read, daily life musings or parenthood in the XXIth century. How can I produce anything worth reading in any of those areas?

On the other hand I have the barrier of my very own intense daily schedule…, sometimes so hectic that I cannot even stop to think what I’m doing.

For the first bit I have just simply realized that there is no need to produce anything relevant to anyone but for me. As it happens to almost everything I do; the way I draw and sketch, contemplate Nature and, somehow the way I also do science, although in the latter case I also try to focus on the best possible quality with the available funding (and not only on doing the crazy ideas that cross my mind, regardless the fun they may seem to me šŸ™‚

Sometimes good things come out of these, but even if not, that’ll be fine because it means I move forward -no matter how comfy I am-.

For the second part of stressed life; some I cannot change, as having two small kids that fulfil many of my creative and personal growth needs. But I can change the time I invest in less important tasks or the time I compromise to parallel projects that, despite being nice, are very time consuming and leave me a bit drained.

And this is why I write now. I may not have anything extremely interesting to say, but I may use this as a personal notebook where you may or may not find something worth reading. In case you do, and feel the urge of commenting, suggesting or just contacting me, please do not hesitate in doing.

But even if you don’t, thank you for reading and passing by  šŸ™‚

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